Reboot Your Brain:

The 3 New Scientific Discoveries That Show Us How to Heal the Brain to Reduce the Pain

Presented by Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Board Certified Neurologist from Stanford

In this FREE training you’ll hear:

  • Why pills only deal with symptoms and aren’t the long-term solution that most people with migraines are looking for 
  • ​Three simple foods you can eat to reduce migraines (proven in a recent study!)
  • ​How we can rewire the nervous system so it doesn't make so many headaches 
  • ​The surprising truth about growing new brain cells
  • How the newly discovered glymphatic system can help us detox our brains
  • How my students are cutting their headaches in half in 3 months

Masterclass for people who want to learn how to harness the brain’s natural ability to heal, and help reduce their headaches.

Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Brain Health Expert

I'm Dr. Barrett, I'm a Headache Neurologist and Founder of Migraine Relief Code™. I teach people how to use the new science of brain health to reduce their migraines, with easy-to-do home care.

This work was born out of my own frustrations with the limitations of medications, both for treating my own migraines AND for treating my patients' migraines.

We all know that our bodies can heal... the trick is to do what's most effective, so you're not wasting your precious time on things that aren't gonna work.

I'm here to show you what works, and what you can do to harness your brain’s natural ability to heal and help reduce your headaches.

While I can't guarantee results, here are what people are saying about the MRC program:

"I went all week with no headache at all! I have not taken Maxalt for weeks! This is the longest I have ever gone without a headache since I was in my teens; WOW <=> 50 years."

"FYI I am on a 2-week streak with no headaches, and I will be forever grateful to you for the new life I am now living. After trying what I thought was everything in the book, and trust me I have gone through many books, the solution I was looking for was your MRC program. I can't thank you enough!"


Holly R

"Your program has made such an impact in reducing migraines by 50 percent or greater! So happy I participated. Thank you once again!"


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