How to Use Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Migraines: YAMM Online Course

Everything you need to know in order to create your own customized yoga and meditation practice that specifically meets the needs of your body and your mind.

You will safely learn a whole new set of tools for managing your headaches, empowering you with the ability to relieve a headache and reduce your neck pain without a prescription.

We emphasize the strategies that have been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies, but we also honor ancient Ayurvedic techniques.

Guided by Amelia Scott Barrett, MD, Headache Specialist Neurologist and

RYT-200 Certified Yoga Teacher

The 5 elements of a yoga practice for people with migraines

This training class helps you create your own home practice. It's an interactive class, so you can ask questions about how to modify the elements to meet the needs of your body.

We show you how to relieve muscle pain in the neck and back, how to reduce stress, and how to monitor your progress with wearables.

Meditation to Rewire the Brain

People with chronic headaches have certain patterns of abnormal firing in the parts of the brain that process pain signals.

These pathways can be rewired back to normal with the right techniques.

Learn what is actually effective, based on the findings from research brain imaging studies.

MeYoW Yoga to heal at the level of the mind as well as the body

This practice is:

one part MEditation

one part YOga

and one part Words

This helps you heal in body, mind, and heart.

(PS... Cat not required!)

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What if I can't make it to the zoom at those times?

A: No worries! All of the classes are recorded, and you can watch them any time. In addition, you get access to our library of yoga and meditation videos, which includes half a dozen different instructors

Q: Do I have to have experience with yoga to take this course?

A: Nope! The Tuesday Workshop class is an interactive, all-levels class. We literally talk the whole time, making sure that everybody is learning something useful for their own body.

The MeYoW yoga is more like a traditional yoga class, where I lead you through a practice that is focused on a certain theme. I always offer variations for people having headaches that day, or bodies that have different needs that day.

Q: I've tried meditation, and my brain can't do it

A: I know, right?! It's a learned skill. But it's an absolutely essential skill to master in order to activate the healing your body already knows how to do. There are thousands of studies showing that certain kinds of meditation help rewire a chronic migraine brain back to normal. We'll help you get there!

Q: Are there separate classes for yoga and meditation?

A: Nope! All classes combine both meditation and yoga. Also, imagine this: yoga can be a MOVING MEDITATION... profound, right?

Q: I've tried yoga when I have a migraine, and it just makes it worse

A: EXACTLY!! I used to have that same experience. You can't go to a regular studio yoga class with a headache - the class usually increases intracranial pressure and makes it worse. That's why I got my yoga teacher training certification, so I can teach people the way to use yoga and meditation as an actual *treatment* for migraines, even when the pain is severe.

Q: I want to take your Migraine Relief Code Online Course. Is this part of it?

A: Yep! You get access to the YAMM Course as part of the MRC Online Course. The MRC Online Course is a more comprehensive program that has been shown to cut headaches by 57% in 3 months without meds. Woo-hoo! Check it out here:

Q: I have a question not answered here

A: All righty, just shoot us an email at:

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